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The Mobile banking app Dave is available for iOS and Android

Dave is a mobile banking platform. It allows you to manage all your personal financial affairs through one simple app like EyeXcon, which you can use on the go, whether at home or elsewhere.

Clarity without loss of depth

The Dave site provides information about the main areas of finance in everyday language and covers all key topics, without presenting too much detail.

Provide an overview of what is available

To make it easier to find the right information, the content is structured into six main sections: my finances , my properties , Dave's accounts , insurance with Chase and also Dave Events . Each section includes several sub-sections that provide all relevant information on certain topics.

Keep it simple!

A site is a reflection of your company, and when communicating Bank's values, the design should be consistent with all other marketing materials.

Getting to know you

Dave has a few basic questions in order to get to know its users better and provide a better service in the future. Each question is followed by a short text that explains in simple language what the site is asking you, so it's easier to understand.

Securing data with an SSL certificate

Dave uses an SSL certificate to encrypt your data and prevent unauthorized access.

Help icon

An icon appears in the top right corner when you hover over a door that needs further explanation, or if there is a Help section . Clicking on this icon opens a window with short explanations of how these sections work.

Mobile apps and online banking

Dave offers a mobile app that works on the same principle as the website, but adapted to mobile devices. You can also use Dave online banking from any Internet browser using your computer or a tablet device.

How do I get started?

To register for an account, you only need your National Identity Card and a mobile phone number. Once you fill in your details, confirm your account by sending an SMS-code to Dave's bank number (Iban: PT. Bank Central Asia Tbk 021-05000555762 A/N Bank Central Asia).

Transferring money into Dave

All the transactions that you make on the website are authorized through SMS-codes that Dave sends to your mobile phone via the bank. If you want to transfer money into your account, just choose the desired amount and then pay by sending an SMS-code with "Dave" followed by the number of rupiah.

Fees for transferring money

If you want to transfer funds into your account via Automated Teller Machine you will be charged 2,000 IDR per transaction.

Sending money to others

Sending funds is easy. Just choose the amount of money you want to send and then go shopping by sending an SMS-code with "Dave" followed by the recipient's bank account number (Iban) and the amount to be sent.

Dave will send a message to your contact via their mobile phone number, informing them that money has been received into his account.

Withdrawing money

If you want to withdraw funds from your own account, just enter the amount in rupiah you want to withdraw and then pay by sending an SMS-code with "Dave" followed by the number of rupiah.

Fees for withdrawing money

You can withdraw funds from Automated Teller Machines for a fee of 2,000 IDR per transaction.

How to not pay dave app back?

The way you can do this is if I transfer money from a friend, and then my friend transfers it back to me so the money goes straight back into his account. This will look as though I had never taken anything out of my account even thought I have been putting all my accounts up on Dave for everyone to see.

The above information was about Dave and how easy it is to use and for you to understand. It also gives basic reasons why we should be using dave because of their great customer service and the easy access anyone has to all transactions made on our bank accounts.I think that dave app is a good way to improve your regular banking experience as well as the way you manage your own account.

Nowadays most people have smart phones so it is very easy to use an app, especially for teenagers who are always on there phones. When I used Dave I was able to see what my family members were spending their money on and also what my parents spent their money on too!


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